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3 2011 Bad Ass 50k Fun Run

The 5th Annual Bad Ass 50k ended up being a cold one. It was 17 degrees at the start with about 2-4 inches of snow on the ground in the Horseridge area, east of Bend, Oregon. The Cinder Butte had a little more off the NW ridge ATV trail section, complete with a few wind lips that made for a couple of drop offs you could jump and get air off of (little heal grab or something fancy). Due to the cold conditions, we only had 4 finish the 50k this year. However, I was surprised to see a a big group show up to run the other distances (9, 13, 22 milers).

50k Finishers
1) Maximus, 4:01
2) Bronco Billy, 4:32
3) Slayer, 4:42
4) Fatboy, 5:47

I have a 100 miler coming up in March and wanted to use this as a 3-day training block for some good volume ending with this run on tired legs. So, I squeezed in 4 runs in a 51 hour window totaling 60 miles. Felt pretty good considering. All in all a great day. Here’s a little video highlight. Giddyup!

Day before, 2011 Bad Ass 50k

Rod and I ran the Bad Ass loop so I could mark it this afternoon. A bit nippy out today…20 degrees at 2pm with good wind…BRISK BABY!! Conditions are not bad considering the solid winter we’re getting in Central Oregon. About 2-4 inches of snow on the course, but double track has nice hardpacked 4WD tracks in the snow to run on. The Cinder Butte NW Ridge ATV trail descent is blown in and has several layers of snow…maybe 6-12″ in most spots. Will be fun downhill tomorrow. Here’s a little video of our run today…I’m stacking up the mileage getting ready for Coyote Two Moon 100 miler in March. After Badass 50k tomorrow, I should squeeze in 60 miles in a 50 hour window in 4 runs…8.5, 4.4, 16, and 31 miles respectively. Giddyup!

2010 Bad Ass 50k Fun Run done

We had a great day in the high desert—dry dirt, mostly cloudy skies and temps in the low 40s. With and estimated 60+ runners today, most running the 9- or the 13-miler, a few in the 22-miler and 14 running the 50k. Most of us ended up running in shorts today. It was the nicest weather we’ve had at the Bad Ass since The Colonel and I started this thing 4 years ago.

Max King cruised through the course and broke The Colonel’s course record by about a 1/2 hour and Ashley Nordell broke Darla (Brader) Askew’s old course record by 4 minutes.

Results are posted on the Bad Ass website.

Post-50k hangout around the fire pit.

Bronco Billy and The Colonel, co-race directors. 4 successful Bad Ass Fun Runs organized.

The Bad Ass 50k, Saturday, January 2, 9am

I just got back from marking the Bad Ass 50k Fun Run loop out east of the Badlands in the Horseridge area and the course is beautiful this year! Soft sandy dirt, NO SNOW at all on the loop. I looked up on the Cinder Butte, and couldn’t see any snow, so I’m assuming it’s clear too. It’s muddy in a few spots, but with the breezy conditions today and tonight, that should be mostly gone by tomorrow (it’s so sandy, it drains fast out there).

Today’s (New Years Day) conditions were perfect out there, 46 and sunny. Tomorrow’s forecast is partly cloudy and a high near 41, which means a few more degrees higher out east in the desert. So, mid 40s by midday. Start may be still chilly at 9am, but should be nice and no YakTraks or studded shoes needed this year. Hope to see some of y’all out there for a fun winter run in the high desert. We have 13-, 22- and 50k distance options. Giddyup!

The Bad Ass 50k

22 down, 9 to go…still smilin’: I was still feeling good here, about 30 minutes before I ran out of salt and death marched the last 5 miles.
Bad Ass Weather: Runners making their way up the east side of the Cinder Butte in the early morning sunshine on nice dry dirt after the initial out and back section.

Another successful Bad Ass 50k under our Big Ass belt buckles. We were fortunate once again for the 3rd year in a row with favorable weather. We had perfect January running weather in the desert just east of The Badlands. Sunny, calm…it read 7 degrees at 7:45am when I drove in, but it felt warmer. As soon as the sun was up and hit the desert floor, it warmed up quick. It reached the high 30s, low 40s by midday. Dry dirt on the entire route this year. So, nobody needed studs. Awesome weather. By lap 3 I was hatless, arm sleeves and tights pulled up and sweating. I even got a tan on my buzzed head!

This year, The Colonel and I decided to move the Start/Finish/Staging Area about a 1/4 mile west of the old spot, into a more open, sunny spot. It gets sun earlier in the morning, as there is a nice size wide-open sage brush meadow to the east of the spot. It’s located right at the base of the Cinder Butte.

This year we had over 50 folks show up and at least 15 pooches to run the various distance options. FootZone’s Teague Hatfield marked the course (thanks, Teague). Again, the Harshburgers brought soup and manned the “pot luck” table after they ran the Super Slacker Super Dave 9-miler. Others brought donuts, brownies, cookies, oranges, Clif shots and we had some water jugs. We even had a camp fire this year. The weather was perfect for January. Thanks to all who brought something to share, put another log on the fire, or helped out in any way.

We only had 6 step up to become a Bad Ass this year and run the entire 50k distance with 3,600 feet of climbing. The Super Slacker Super Dave 9 and the Half Ass 13 still are the most popular distances for this time of year. There is about 1,000 feet of climbing per 9 mile loop, the 13 has 1,610 feet of ascent and the 22- has 2,610 of ascent. Nice training spot for mid-winter.

Sean and I both ran the 50k this year and he, like a smart runner, ran the first loop mellow, while I ran the first 13- with Katie Saba (a very fast marathoner) and she was only running the 13. Needless to say, the pace was probably a bit too fast for the first 13, but it’s just training, right? Why not throw down and see how the chips fall. Sean caught me by the top of Smith Canyon on lap 2 (about mile 19 or 20) and we ran together until about 25-26 miles.

We were cruising the last lap in reverse down Smith Canyon and I started getting crampy. I took a S-cap, waited 5 minutes, still crampy, took another (my last), still crampy….dang…Bye, bye Sean. He continued on at our pace, while I slacked off and death marched it in. I ran out of gel and water with 5 miles to go and just trudged it in, hurting the last 5.

NOTE TO SELF: Remember your first really long run after time off, carry extra salt and extra gel. I do this EVERY year in the early season. Forget how much salt, water, and gel I need in the 3-4 hour range. It’s always better to have more than you need than not enough!

The Colonel cruised in for a new course record of 4:23 and I slogged it in about a minute under the old record in 4:34. The old record was held by Justin Angle’s dog Piper. He outsprinted Rod and Justin last year by about 10 yards at the finish.

Thanks everybody, it was another great day out there! Giddyup.