2011 Bad Ass 50k Fun Run

The 5th Annual Bad Ass 50k ended up being a cold one. It was 17 degrees at the start with about 2-4 inches of snow on the ground in the Horseridge area, east of Bend, Oregon. The Cinder Butte had a little more off the NW ridge ATV trail section, complete with a few wind lips that made for a couple of drop offs you could jump and get air off of (little heal grab or something fancy). Due to the cold conditions, we only had 4 finish the 50k this year. However, I was surprised to see a a big group show up to run the other distances (9, 13, 22 milers).

50k Finishers
1) Maximus, 4:01
2) Bronco Billy, 4:32
3) Slayer, 4:42
4) Fatboy, 5:47

I have a 100 miler coming up in March and wanted to use this as a 3-day training block for some good volume ending with this run on tired legs. So, I squeezed in 4 runs in a 51 hour window totaling 60 miles. Felt pretty good considering. All in all a great day. Here’s a little video highlight. Giddyup!

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