Photo: Tyler Roemer

Ultra Marathon Career Highlights

  • 1st 2017 Bear 100
  • 4th 2017 Western States 100 (1st Masters)
  • ​1st 2017 Yakima Skyline 50K
  • 1st 2017 Coyote Backbone 68 Mile (FKT)
  • ​1st 2017 Hagg Lake 50K
  • 1st 2016 Frozen Trails 50K
  • 2016 Western States 100/Hardrock 100 Double Record (Fastest Combined Time) Watch Documentary
  • 3rd 2016 Western States 100
  • 1st 2016 Free State 100K (course record)
  • 1st 2016 HURT 100 (Oahu, Hawaii)
  • 3rd 2015 Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji (105-miler, Japan)
  • 1st 2015 Ultra Fiord 174K (108-miler, Patagonia Chile)
  • 1st 2014 Grindstone 100
  • 3rd 2014 Run Rabbit Run 100 (1st Masters)
  • 1st 2014 Smith Rock 50k
  • 1st 2014 Zion 100 (course record)
  • 3rd 2013 Run Rabbit Run 100
  • 1st 2013 San Diego 100
  • 1st 2012 Wasatch Front 100
  • 1st 2012 San Diego 100 (course record)
  • 1st 2012 Silver State 50k
  • 2011 USATF Master's 50k Trail Champion 
  • 1st 2010 Cascade Crest 100
  • 1st 2010 Silver State 50
  • 1st 2009 Ozark Trail 100
  • 1st 2009 Virgil Crest 100 (course record)
  • 1st 2008 Bighorn 100
  • 1st 2007 Mt. Diablo 50k
  • 1st 2007 Arkansas Traveller 100
  • 1st 2006 Bighorn 100
  • 1st 2005 Bighorn 100

​About Jeff Browning

Jeff is an endurance coach, ultra athlete, designer, husband and father of three kids. He lives to run in wild places, as well as fighting to protect them.  

He found running naturally by roaming free as a kid, exploring his family's 700-acre farm in Missouri. No matter the weather — he was always moving. And that hasn’t changed. For him, running through the wild is pure. It provides the remedy to this fast-paced, always-connected world of ours.

Why Bronco Billy?

In my early ultra days, a running buddy came up with the nickname due to my tendency to yell "Yee-Haw" and "Giddyup" when my stoke was high on a running adventure. Others started calling me it too and it just kinda stuck.

He's also a tinkerer. Gear can always be better, lighter — more dialed. He can often be found cutting or drilling his shoes, charting their weight, or begging his wife to break out her sewing machine to test out a new idea. Over 22 years in the graphic design industry has fine-tuned his creative skills; while 18 years of competitive ultra running and well over 100 ultramarathon finishes have polished his training and racing strategies — including nutrition. He believes in organic whole foods (primal/bulletproof/LCHF), that fat is the optimum fuel, and that Hippocrates was spot on when he said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 

Running thousands of miles through the world’s untamed lands has also instilled in him a passion for conservation — helping to protect the places we play. He was thrilled to help celebrate a conservation win in Chile by running through the new Patagonia National Park as documented in the short film, Mile for Mile.

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