Day before, 2011 Bad Ass 50k

Rod and I ran the Bad Ass loop so I could mark it this afternoon. A bit nippy out today…20 degrees at 2pm with good wind…BRISK BABY!! Conditions are not bad considering the solid winter we’re getting in Central Oregon. About 2-4 inches of snow on the course, but double track has nice hardpacked 4WD tracks in the snow to run on. The Cinder Butte NW Ridge ATV trail descent is blown in and has several layers of snow…maybe 6-12″ in most spots. Will be fun downhill tomorrow. Here’s a little video of our run today…I’m stacking up the mileage getting ready for Coyote Two Moon 100 miler in March. After Badass 50k tomorrow, I should squeeze in 60 miles in a 50 hour window in 4 runs…8.5, 4.4, 16, and 31 miles respectively. Giddyup!

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