Three 100 milers and my Valentine

Now that the minimalist running switch is in “turtle progression” and I’m back training full volume in biofit insoles (albeit in lighter shoes), I’ve had a hard time thinking of quality blogging material. Chalk it up to slight depression from having to back off on my running a few weeks, I guess. Anyway, then it hit me, my old friend…the 100 mile race. After finding out I was 242 on the Hardrock 100 waiting list last weekend, I entered 3 hundred milers…yep, three (Bighorn 100, Cascade Crest 100, and Hal Koerner’s new Oregon 100, Pine to Palm).

So, the only issue, I had to break it to my lovely wife…now don’t get me wrong, my wife loves a 100 miler—ONE hundred miler a year. She worries, she frets, she doesn’t sleep during them. The problem is, I live for the 100 miler. It’s hands-down my favorite ultra distance. In my humble opinion, it’s the bar. I love everything about them, the prep, the pain, the emotions—no faking it, no shortcuts.

Now, it really  isn’t my habit to neglect to obtain wife approval for big races such as three 100 milers in one season—it’s the truly respectable thing to do when you’re married with kids. And, in my defense, I did mention all 3 separately in conversation. Whether she’s learned to tune out my obsessive ultra chatter and constant talk of running, training, shoes, races, and the like…well, the reality kicked in tonight in conversation. Our banter was something like this…

I said, “I need to do a blog post. Not sure what to write about since the minimalist transition is kinda on the backburner. Maybe I’ll just post on the three 100 milers I just entered.”


Then she said, “You entered…three hundred milers? Did you tell me about these three hundred mile races?” I replied (rather sheepishly),  “Well, I mentioned them all separately,” and I quickly added, “two of them are local…one in Oregon, one in Washington.”

And that was it. She didn’t storm out, throw me to the ground, or punch me in the face.

Did I mention how amazing it is to be married to such a gorgeous, patient, beautiful, intelligent, hot, rock star of a mama, wonderful woman? (She checks my blog occasionally, so this will help.) Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie. Three. Giddyup.

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