Barefoot Running Baby Steps and Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot Shoes

Well, SORRY, SORRY for the absence of posts lately. I’ve been super busy with work and trying squeeze in training volume for the upcoming Way Too Cool 50k in California next weekend (much of my training has been with a headlamp to get it all in). I’m finally back to running barefoot a little again too! Giddyup! I’m definitely taking the conservative/cross-training approach to minimalist after my bout with Plantar Fasciitis when I bumped up my volume in minimalist running shoes too quickly. I don’t know what I expected after 38 years locked up in shoes! Baby steps, baby steps…literally.

Anyway, I’ve been back to running in the Inov8 X-Talon 212s part time and warming up and cooling down again barefoot (no Vibram Five Fingers for now)…I feel that was part of my problem that caused issues previously. I went too far, too fast in the VFFs and stressed my feet out. They allow you to do too much because of the Vibram protection factor. So, I’m going pure barefoot now, which forces a MUCH, MUCH slower transition due to having to wait on your skin to toughen up…it’s the limiting factor which I feel is a good thing. This is my newest “ah-ha” moment with regard to transitioning and spending time barefoot running. Your tender skin is the natural way of causing you to adapt comfortably and healthfully.

The other thing I’ve been doing is exclusively wearing the Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot Aqua Shoe. I’m LOVING this shoe. I wear it all the time apart from running or going barefoot around the house. They’re like funky looking flat tennis shoes (with a moccasin feel). And, if fashion is a concern…they’re pretty dang superfly hip with some hipster jeans and a retro shirt—you’re ready to slip into the club and kick it—all while strengthening your feet. The ultimate in cross-training hipness. They have a wide toe box for your feet to splay out while walking and are completely flat with no heel build up. They are definitely a bit pricey at $150…I happened to get them for half-off… (I get the e-newsletter) had a half-off code last month. A nice bonus for sure. They’re worth the investment, even at $150. Well worth the barefoot simulation time outside of running coupled with the funkadelic-factor…in my humble opinion.

Check out their site for a huge selection of shoes…but especially check out the Vivo Barefoot line:

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