Elliptical Trainer Blues

Not sure what you guys do out there for low-impact cross training when letting something heal up, but I’d love to hear some ideas. The bruised foot is healing up, but oh man, 30 minutes on an elliptical trainer is about all I can take, then 20-30 minutes on the stationery bike and I’m out. I’d rather beat my head against a brick wall. Not sure how folks do cardio work in a gym on a regular basis. I’ve been to the gym the last 4 days in a row. I’m doing strength training every other day (core, push-ups, pull-ups, low reps, heavy weight lower body, rows, dead lifts and dips)…which I don’t mind. I used to be a gym rat with regard to lifting when I was in college and I can go for that, it’s just the cardio portion in the gym that drives me crazy. We have 2 inches of slushy snow on the roads right now, so cycling outside is out. I’m counting down the days to get back to running outside, even in the slush. 4 more days. I made a deal with myself go 8 days on elliptical trainer and stationery bike  and stay off the bruised foot before running on it again. It’s feeling better, but it’s still there a little. I’m hopeful it will be pretty good in another 4 days. Giddyup.

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