Overdoing it: Bruised foot

Well, I overdid it a bit last week and have to back off this week. Last Wednesday and Thursday I did back-to-back runs in the Vibram Five Fingers, with Thursday’s session being a rather quick 5-miler and at night. Then, Friday (about 9 hours after my Thursday night run in the VFFs) I went out and ran 17.5 miles in the Inov8 X-Talon 212s with 5,000 feet of climbing on rocky, technical terrain. I had a little bit of a tender spot where my 2nd toe connects at the ball of my left foot at the tend of my VFF run on Thursday and I think Friday’s burly run was the last straw, as it got tender at about mile 10 on the 1,500 foot rocky descent of Gray Butte. It was okay on Friday’s run, but I woke up Saturday with it pretty darn sore.

I went out Saturday night and only made it a 1/2 mile from my house before I was forced to turn back…1 mile total for the day. Sunday I rested it and by Monday evening was able to run 6.4 with it feeling “okay”—had to break out the beefy, cushy discontinued Nike Zoom S-Works Trail—which felt like bricks.

Today (Tuesday) I ran 5.6  in the AM in the Nike’s and 4.2 in the PM in the New Balance MT100s and iced it after both runs. It’s getting better. Looks like Southern Oregon Fat Ass 50k is out this coming weekend. Oh well, gotta roll with it. I’m going to continue short sessions on it this week to keep my legs moving but allow it to heal. Live and learn. Part of the process of this transition. My first small set-back. Glad it’s only minor. Onward and updward…

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