Below Zero Nordic Ski

Finish of a 2 hour Nordic Ski. Negative 4 degrees at 11am.

I was getting cabin fever after a couple of days of single digits and a very short 35 minute run in the snow yesterday. So, I decided to brave the elements this morning and nordic ski. After a business breakfast with some other folks in town, I headed out to Virginia Meissner Snow Park and went for a 2 hour Classic XC Ski. Up Tangent Loop toward Swampy Lakes, then the out and back to Swede Ridge Shelter (breaking trail) and back Tangent Loop for a total ski of almost 10 miles. It was beautiful. Clear blue sky. Snow is fast. I had the whole forest to myself (except for the last half mile of trail I ran into a few folks heading out). Not too many skiers out today. It was negative 4 degrees when I started, and the same when I finished. I have a little cold burn on my nose and cheeks, but was well worth the effort. Giddyup!

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