Iroquois 100 Miler…on my way

The race has a web cast page (consisting of text/updates based on checkpoints during the race). Race starts at 6am on Saturday (Eastern Time). To follow the race progress, go to:

Race Travel
I’m currently at Newark Int’l Airport (New Jersey) and waiting for my delayed flight to Ithaca, NY. I just came off the red-eye from Portland. 5 hours of not really sleep, not really awake. How was my first experience with a red-eye flight…I can sum it up in one word—sucked. The flight was full and drifting in and out of consciousness for 5 hours in the upright position was pretty weak excuse for a night’s sleep.

Oh well, onward and upward. Sleeps overrated anyway. I can’t really worry about that, right? Suck it up and move on.

My headache is a bit less after some breakfast and some JetZone (a jet lag homeopathic). If I can get to Ithaca and get in a run on the course with Ian…I’m hoping my body will fall in line and get rid of some kinks. Giddyup!

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