Bronco…Beardless & Braceless

Finally got my braces off. No more cross bite and no more wearin’ down my teeth. No more shredded mouth either.

First thing I did was eat an apple without cutting it up—sweet.

And, since I’ve had hair on my face for the past 11 years, my kids have never seen my shaved face. So, I promised my kiddos they could shave my face once the metal mouth was gone. And true to my word, I let them shave the beard. My wife was hesitant, as she likes the beard, but in the end, let the kids have their fun. They followed me around the first day just staring at me…I even caught Jennifer staring at me while we where watching a movie.

With over a decade of staring at my hairy face, it’s pretty darn freaky to see my full face again. Haven’t seen it since I was 27 years old…now I’m almost 40…funny how time flies. Here’s a peek…growing the chin beard back at least, won’t see my face again for another decade…probably. Giddyup.

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