2009 White River 50 Miler

Awesome day on stellar trails (Mt. Rainier in the background). Photo by Glenn Tachiyama

It was nice to finally race again. I was looking forward to running this race again. Since it’s the national championship trail race for 50 miles, it always draws a good, strong field. I was looking forward to running hard.

After multiple weird injuries this season, being 100% at a race again was nice. I was in new territory this season with the juggling of cycling and running (a 50 mile MTB race in June), then a 100 Mile MTB race coming up in August. So, my training was not my normal build-up before a race like White River.

I was optimistic though, but a little under-trained for hills. I had a lot of biking volume, but my highest running mileage week was 52 leading up to it. I put in quality, trail specific training though. I was hoping it would be okay.

I got to Seattle to drop of my family at Bainbridge Island to visit family and picked up Hal, Carly, and Tony to head to the race. Tony and I were staying at McCoubrey’s cabin (thanks again, Scott). We checked in, hung out and went back to the cabin, ate, and went to bed.

Saturday morning was great weather. I started out conservatively and ended up running with Kami for a few miles until just after the first aid station. I ran most of the first climb and got to the out and back in 12th place. I reeled in a few dudes, including Hal (thanks to his post-Western States legs) on the descent back to Buck Creek at the halfway.

The final grind before summiting Sun Top (mile 37). Photo by Glenn Tachiyama

There was cloud cover thankfully climbing up to Sun Top and I ran 90% of the climb. I ran smoothly and didn’t full out hammer off Sun Top (mile 37), as I didn’t know how my legs would handle it with their lack of hills and mileage. They were definitely feeling it at the bottom of the descent, but I kept rolling and crossed the line in 7:28, good enough for 8th place with a strong field.

Time to get on the mountain bike to get ready for High Cascade 100 August 23rd. Giddyup!

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