Outdoor Retailer Show

Sucking wind on the treadmill at OR Show Uphill Challenge.

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with no time to blog. Just got back. Since last Monday, I drove over 2000 miles in 8 days and went to Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake and drove back to Bend, then drove to Seattle, then to Crystal Mtn, WA to run White River 50 Miler, back to Seattle and back to Bend. Phew! I’m beat.

OR show was fun and a scene. Got to see Roch, albeit short with so much going on…but, all the same, always a plus, even if it’s short. He got me to jump into the Trail Runner Magazine Uphill Challenge on the treadmill…15 minutes at 10 percent grade. Also was able to get in a couple of good Wasatch runs. One solo run on Monday when I arrived in the evening and one with Larry O’neal, Josh Brimhall, and Karl Meltzer on Thursday before I hit the road back to Bend. I love the Wasatch range and was good to be back on those trails.

Also was good to hang with everyone at Conservation Alliance’s 20th Anniversary party on Wednesday night. Hal and I hooked up with Josh, Tony, Scott, and Karl and ended up at the Brooks party for a while, then over to the Alliance’s party to end the night. I bagged out about midnight so I could get up and run with Karl, Larry, and Josh next morning. All in all, fun, but not enough sleep before White River. Sleep deprevation training, I suppose. I’ll get up a race report tomorrow. Off to bed…

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