Movin’ to “The Woods”

The house from the upper half of the property.
The 1/4 acre crater complete with picnic table, 2 firepits and cliffs to climb on. This shot is taken from the North Rim of the crater (the tallest cliff, at 15 feet)

Well, sorry for the lack of posts the past 2 months. Busy as can be with the new house move. We just bought a house on an acre in an area south of Bend’s city limits. And as an added cool bonus, the acre has a 1/4 acre, 15 foot deep crater (photo above).

I have to say, after a few weeks in the new place, it’s nice to be back in Bend. Terrebonne was just a little too far out. I’ll miss the everyday training runs at Smith Rock, but the new locale is just close enough for me to commute to town on my bike, but have nice privacy and room for the kiddos to run.

An added bonus is my home office has it’s own entrance and it’s own bathroom. It’s really quite perfect for our family. We’re feeling mighty blessed in the current “economic crisis.” Plus, being above town 500 feet (we’re at about 4000 feet)…we’ll get some good snow on the property. Sledding, snowboard and ski jumps right in the yard! Sweet.

After we closed on the house in mid-Sept, I left 7 days to work on the house before we moved in. I pulled over 100 hours labor on the house! It was an epic ultra-labor week. I put in cork floors in 4 rooms and painted 3 rooms and worked on the chicken coup.

Also, my good buddies Josh and David designed and installed built-in shelves and a “hobbit” size walk-in closet in the loft to convert into an official kids bedroom. On one of his days off from work, my friend Tyson helped get up the skeleton frame for the chicken coup (which I’m still working on). Strawbale chicken coup post coming…giddyup!

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