Bronco Billy Birthday Epic…37, baby!

Well, this was my 10th anniversary of doing something epic on my birthday. Rules are…these are self-imposed rules, mind you:

1) Must be within a week of actual birthday.
2) Must run or ride (or combination thereof) at least age in mileage.
3) First choice is to run
4) Second choice is to run and bike
5) Third choice is to bike

I’ve mostly run my age in the past 10 years, but if a race is very near (within a week or two), I usually do a combo of biking and running. This year, I decided to ride my cross bike from Willamette Pass Ski area around 18.5 miles to where the Waldo 100k course crosses the Road 4290, stash my bike in the woods, and run the last 25 miles of the Waldo course back to Willamette Pass. Drive around and pick up my bike on the way back to Bend. Sweet plan, I must say.

I drove up on Friday, August 1, crashed in my car, got up and was off before 8am on my bike. Check out the video of my epic below. Great day.

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