Smith Rock BBQ

Well, we had our official first Smith Rock BBQ with beautiful spring weather. Now that I’m living right by Smith Rock State Park, I decided to host a post-training run Pot Luck BBQ at the new digs. Dan Harshburger put together a run leaving the main parking lot and another group of us started at Skull Hollow about mid-morning. Pictures courtesy of Olga…thanks, O!

We had a huge turn out for the training day and the Pot Luck BBQ was a success! Thanks to all that came out…we had representatives from all over…Portland, Ashland…sweet. A good buddy, Mark DeJohn from Active Therapeutics, who provides Active Release Technique and massage in Bend came out and worked on folks at the BBQ. Nice post long run treat.

Rod, Sean, Kami, Prudence, Olga, Gail, Stan, Mo and I started out from Skull Hollow water troughs at about 9am with all of us having different routes in mind, but wanting to run 3-5 hours. Rod, Kami, Sean, Prudence and I stuck together over Gray Butte and over to Cole’s Trail. Then, Kami, Sean and Prudence continued on Cole’s and Rod and I went down into Cougar Canyon and the loop over to Burma, Ridge line and Misery Ridge by Monkey Face to meet up with Billy Barnett and Eric Skaggs at the parking lot.

We met Billy and Eric coming down off Misery Ridge and we all ran back to the parking lot so Rod and I could refill water, as we’d been out a little over 2 1/2 hours. Next, we headed up Burma Road and as we ran up the goat trail that starts the Burma climb, Rod told Eric about the “Scar Challenge”…this is a challenge for anyone to run ALL of the scar trail (above Burma Saddle) that is over 500 feet in less than 1/2 mile, probably a 35% grade of loose rocks and pure crap, before mellowing out to climb the last 70-100 feet to summit Eagle’s Roost (above the Marsupials ). Hard and NO ONE has done it. Attempted, but to our knowledge no one had done it. All are humble to hike. Oh, prize…Rod buys lunch.

Well, Eric said he’d “try it”…lunch was on the line. We ran all of Burma and Eric proceeds to yes, RUN ALL OF THE SCAR. He left Rod, Billy and I in his wake with our jaws open. Nice work bro!!!! It was the sweetest thing I’ve seen is a long while. He busted a move after running Misery Ridge, Burma AND hard hill repeats the day before at Pilot Butte with Billy. Eric, you da man! Nice work bro. Glad I got to witness the climbing prowess.

And, of course, Eric was completely humble about the whole thing and said of the experience “it was a maximum effort” …ya think?! Dang homie. Well, needless to say we were FREAKING out, givin’ knuckles, kudos…sweet. Rod and I thought it was one of those little challenges that’s pretty much impossible. Thanks for proving us wrong, Eric. Now I’m wondering if I can run it? Hmm. Just like the 4 minute mile barrier…one does it, proves it can be done…lots more step up and do it too…could this be one of those? No pain, no gain.

Afterward the BBQ was good, beer was good. My kids loved the Honey Bunny (bread shaped like a rabbit) that Billy brought (he’s one of the bakers at Great Harvest Bakery)…it was delicious! Thanks Big B on the Harmony Tip!

Thanks to everyone who came out and hung out at the farm. Giddyup.

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