Bronco Billy goes Bio-Diesel

Well, I got myself an ’85 Ford F250 Diesel 4×4 this weekend and some chickens! Yeehaw!

Green Farm Truck
I did research this evening and it’s what I hoped for—bio-diesel in an older Ford diesel motor works fine. I’m going to start running bio-diesel in the rig in the next tank. Start out with B20 and work up to stronger as the engine cleans itself and the weather gets warmer. I just need to monitor fuel lines and change out fuel filters several times when I first make the switch.

The truck is an extended cab, long bed with construction bars on it. Not only will be awesome for hauling stuff…firewood, hay, chicken compost, building materials and anything else I can dream up. I can also cruise it to the trailhead with the dogs and with the bench seat in the extended cab, fit the kid’s car seats, many adult runners, or small farm animals.

My Missourah farm days came back to me when I drove the truck into Redmond today to go to the Feed Barn to get a couple of bales of wood shavings for the chicken coop and Big R for some chicken fence and bailin’ wire—well, they call it “utility wire” in Redmond, but back in Missourah, we call it bailin’ wire.

Organic Chickens
I spent Saturday night until 10pm and Sunday afternoon after the 3 1/2 hour Smith Run getting the coop ready—patching, cleaning, hanging/building roost bars and nesting boxes. And, Sunday night we picked up 9 laying chickens (about 1-2 laying years left in ’em) from my buddy Karl in Alfalfa. They’ve been raised free-range organic and will continue to be under our watch.

The girls are enjoying their new coop, tasty organic feed, and don’t seem to be too stressed from the move. They do have twice the chicken coop and 28 less chickens to fight for food and roosting spots with. They gave us 4 eggs their first day—thanks, ladies. I’m hoping to let them out to free-range in a day or two, after they’re used to their new digs.

To be continued…

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