Owyhee Canyonlands Epic Run — 170 miles in 4 days

Jesse Haynes and I are running 170 miles in 4 days through the Owyhee Canyonlands. It’s the last 170 miles of the new Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) in southeastern Oregon and the largest roadless area in the Lower 48 — one of the few places remaining that you can grab front row seats to an unobstructed view of the Milky Way due to the lack of light pollution.

We’re gearing up and will be launching off into the Canyonlands near Anderson Crossing on May 3rd and planning to be at Owyhee State Park on May 6th. Keep track of our progress on my Owyhee Canyonlands MapShare Page starting on Tuesday, May 3rd. We’re planning to end in Lake Owyhee State Park Friday afternoon on May 6th. Giddyup!

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