2015 Season — New Years Update

2015 is going to bring another year of heavy racing for this old dog. I’m feeling rather thankful right now for many things. I had a killer trip down to Patagonia Chile in December to run through the new Patagonia Park with Krissy Moehl and Luke Nelson. What a beautiful place. I’m still processing such a cool and wild experience. More to come on that trip (and photos…and a documentary film). Stay tuned.

I can’t wait to get rolling this year, I’ll be staying local this winter and early spring with a crack at Gorge Waterfalls 100K in Oregon and then the start of the season in earnest. Here’s a few notable things happening for 2015:

No.1: Self-employed Again
I’m back freelance designing full-time again. After three years working for a tech company as their Graphic Design Director, I’ve stepped back into a consulting role part time and back to working with an array of companies with branding, web/software design, and art direction. I’ve done the self-employed thing for half of my 20 year design career. It’s like putting on an old, broken-in shoe. It fits and it’s familiar.

No.2: New Footwear Relationship — Altra
Make no mistake, my long-standing relationship with Patagonia is still kicking strong. I’m so proud to be a part of that company for the past 12 years. They’re commitment to the environment and doing business responsibly — such an honor. However, most have heard the news by now…they decided to discontinue their footwear operations in 2015. My hard work on the Everlong was a great learning experience, as well as an opportunity to understand what it takes to create a shoe and go to market. I really enjoyed the process and as a designer, runner and complete shoe geek…I get speciality running. I help brand and market our local shop and I love it. So, it was a natural partnership with Altra. They think out of the box, they’re doing things a little different, they’re runners and I dig it. So, really looking forward to joining with them this year for shoes (I’ve secretly loved them since the beginning and you can find every version of the Instinct in my garage).

No.3: Another Big Year — Going International
After the Bronco Billy Suffer Better Tour last year, I decided just to keep hitting the 100s ’cause, well…I ain’t getting any younger. I’m feeling fortunate to be heading out on a few big adventures this year. Ultra Fiord’s 100 miler in April in Patagonia Chile, Ultra-Trail Du Mont Blanc 100 miler in August in France and tentatively Mt. Fuji 100 in September if that trip comes together. I’m looking forward to a great season. Now, time to work on my non-existent espanol.

So, here’s to 2015 and if you’re free in April, come join the party in Chile…Giddyup.


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