Bronco Billy Suffer Better Tour

So, I’ve hatched my 2014 plan and coined it The Bronco Billy Suffer Better Tour. The tour consists of 4 hundreds this season. If I can successfully get through them all, the 4th hundred would put me at 20 career 100 milers. A good round number I think.


Zion 100
Virgin, UT

Completed: 1st place in 16 hrs, 39 min (course record)


Hardrock 100
Silverton, CO

Completed: 4th place in 26 hrs, 58 min (1st Masters, 1st American)


Run Rabbit Run 100
Steamboat Springs, CO

Completed: 3th place in 19 hrs, 6 min (1st Masters)


Grindstone 100
Swoope, VA

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