Out of hybernation

Phew. It’s been a busy 6 months since Leadville. Here’s a recap of my last 6 months to catch up…

Flagline 50k start

Ran Flagline 50k (USATF 50k National Trail Championship). I just turned 40 in August, so went into it gunning for the master’s title and got it by just a few minutes. Battled Mark Lundblad and pulled it out by 2 minutes after rolling my ankle badly in the last mile and hobbling across the finish in 4:02. Good day.

Laid low, took some time off and let my ankle heal from Flagline. Took a family vacation to the Redwoods in Northern California. Was super bummed my ankle was mangled, as the trails there would be off the hook. Took another trip to see family in Seattle durning the month. Also was able to squeeze in some late season mountain biking before the snow started flying.

Bronco vs. SUV = 3 pins

Had just started training again when I was had a bike wreck commuting to work. I was commuting to work on my bicycle early morning on Nov. 10 following traffic  (2 vehicles) in the roundabout, when a car did not yield entering the roundabout. I was one car length behind the SUV when the 2 vehicles in front of me came to a screeching halt to avoid hitting the person that did not yield (pulled in front of them). I crashed into the back of the SUV in front of me at 20 mph. My left hand hit first and broke plastic off the back of the SUV, jack-knifing my bike front end and slamming left ribs/shoulder into the back of the SUV. I broke my left hand and cracked a rib. The hand required surgery and 3 pins and a cast. While I was on the pavement, everyone in the line, drove off. Thankfully, 2 super cool fireman on their way to work pulled over and helped me.

Still dealing with broken hand and rib. Slowly able to start running again, after 5 weeks on stationery bike and treadmill. Nice to be back outside running.

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