Treadmill Challenge, Leadville training, and a new bike

Abbey custom steel 29er at the Gnome Shrine at Elv trail.

Last week was a good week of training, in all aspects. My new baby son is challenging my wife and I in the middle of the night. At least once or twice a week I’m hitting 4 or less hours of sleep. Not the best for recovery, but good for sleep deprivation training. And we all know how much you need that in a 100 miler. So, I just chalk it up to Leadville training (even though I whine about it from time to time). 🙂

Last week had a stellar 3-day block of training that started on Thursday afternoon with a 20 miler at Tumalo Falls with some good hill training and snow running while exploring snow levels in the high country. Next morning, I jammed out a awesome ride on my new Abbey custom steel 29er mountain bike (pictured) for 37 miles and almost three and a half hour ride. In the evening, I capped off my Friday with a 4-mile warm up running with Sean finished with the two of us going head to head in FootZone’s Treadmill Challenge put together by Max King. 10 minutes on a treadmill at 10% grade. I just edged out Meissner for the bout win. Finally, to top off my 3-day block, I got up at dawn Saturday morning and did a bike-run-bike workout by riding my cross commuter to the trailhead, running a hilly 14.5 miler with a summit of Lava Butte and Green Mountain for a stellar block of training topped off with little sleep (thanks Abe).

Hitting another big week this week and training right through SOB 50k this weekend in Ashland. Giddyup!

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