A little quiet time

I’ve been quietly back training starting in October and so busy with work, not much time to write. Snow is in full effect in Central Oregon and I’ve been running with studs now for a few weeks. Here’s a look at this year’s Screw Your Shoes flyer…we’ve already held two clinics to winterize some shoes for runners in town.

Scott Wolfe, Dave Bowman and I did a little dawn patrol run from the Badlands out to the Bad Ass 50k loop. Little inch dusting of snow and 18 degrees at the 7:30am start, but blue bird skies and the sun rose to give us quite a brilliant sight with the fresh white stuff, plus frost. Top of Cinder Butte really gave us spectacular views of the clear and snow clad Cascade Range. Awesome morning.

Local Jingle Bell 5k tomorrow…think I  burned a few matches today on the long run with the boys, but I’ll still try to turn it over tomorrow. Giddyup.

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