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I’m back to running again. Being out his past weekend at the first annual Flagline 50k got me motivated to start running again and think about jumping in something to run. I’m thinking MacDonald Forest 15k end of October, I’ve done that run one other time, years ago, and it’s a blast.

I should have some video up for Flagline in a few days. I used Max King’s helmet cam during the race on my singlespeed mountain bike. Fun day and great way to monitor the race up front. Eric Skaggs pulled out a win over Max, with Yassine rounding out the top 3. On the women’s side, Kami notched another commanding win, with Stephanie Howe and Jenn Shelton finishing out the top 3 respectively.

There was a little course marker change mix up at mile 28 by a volunteer…bummer, but that’s how it goes in trail races sometimes. They fixed it after the first 15 went through. Everyone for the most part was pretty cool about the whole thing. That’s what I love and respect about the ultra community. Stuff happens and you roll with it…a lot like life.

Sweet course, I must say. I think that one’s on my list next year.

I also started running in the new super light minimalist trail shoe, the Inov8 x-talon 190. Their nice. I’m really liking them better than the 212s. The mesh upper is sweet. If your find yourself, like me, kind of on the fence between two sizes (for me, size 10.5 and 11), I usually go with the bigger. However, I wish I would not have on these. Most shoes tend to curl toward your toe as the shoe breaks in, but I find the lighter half of the Inov8 line does not. They actually stretch out a little.

The New Balance MT 101 should be coming this week. This shoe looks like they made some solid improvements from the MT100 upper. Giddyup.

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