I’m still here…little update

End of the Bronco Billy "BRB"

Sorry for complete silence. Have been working like a madman, training for Cascade Crest 100 and trying to be a decent father and husband. Somewhere in there I just can’t squeeze in any posts. Wanna hear my excuse? Hey, it’s summer, I’ve been in the mountains.

July Update

Jumped in SOB 50k in Ashland, 3 weeks after Bighorn 100. Squeezed a 4th place finish in in 4:09. Quads were not quite recovered, but all in all great time down there.

August Update

Turned 39 at the beginning of the month. Did the “BRB” adventure for my birthday. Bike-run-bike. 23 mile singlespeed mountain bike ride, 19 mile mountain run, 23 mile mtb ride home. Great day. Have been up in the mountains every spare second I can afford. Some good runs  up into Broken Top and Sisters Wilderness, Three Fingered Jack, and summited South Sister this morning (5,000 feet of climbing, round trip 12 miles), and did recon on part of the Cascade Crest course last weekend (part of PCT section and mile 68 to 95). Gonna be an awesome course. Can’t wait…less than 2 weeks.

Michael Franti, live show in Bend

Hal (in white sunglasses). Crew came up from Ashland for his bachelor party (Bend edition), at Michael Franti concert.

Also, joined the Ashland crew for Hal’s bachelor party (the Bend leg) and went to Michael Franti & Spearhead. Awesome show. Good time and great to see the boys (Meltzer and Brimhall flew in for the festivities). Always good to hang with GQ Smooth. We even got “old man Bien” to come out and play.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope everyone out there is having a good summer of mountain running. Okay. I’m going outside. Giddyup.

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