Bighorn…hay’s in the barn

1:30am after a very rainy night run

Time to taper for Bighorn. I’ve had a solid spring of training and great tune-up races and I’m feeling more fit than ever going into my 4th Bighorn 100 in 12 days. Complete with a 70 day streak of no days off in March and April and a great tune-up effort at Silver State 50 miler. I’ve put in some solid training in May, post-Silver State and have to say I’m getting pumped. I love returning to the Wyoming mountains. It’s such a great hometown event. The gnarly singletrack and wildlife. GiddyUP!

On a course conditions note, looks like there is quite a bit of snow still in the high country. 2-3 feet still in the heart of the Bighorns. Interesting to see if we end up on the normal course or if they send us out on the snow course we did in ’08. Whatever works—less than two weeks to go time.

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