Winterized Minimalist Studded Shoes

Here’s a few quick photos of my studded set up for winter. Since I’ve opted to go minimalist on my shoes, I’ve also opted to come up with the most minimalist studded shoe set up too. The New Balance MT100s (on right)…which I’ve only put studs in the forefoot (4 total). And, I also included a photo of the New Balance 904 Trail (left) that I hacked off the heel’s outsole to lower it, as it had a pretty elevated heel. I did add 2 studs in the heel of the 904s since there is NO tread anymore. However, I have to admit…since running in the MT100s, I haven’t really run in the 904s anymore. But, thought I’d show them for fun.

For more info and a step by step “How-To” on studding your shoes, click here and see my post from 2008.

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