Cross training by running a chainsaw

My primary heat source in the winter is wood. And, today I went up to the National Forest and threw down 8 hours of manual labor by cutting 1 1/2 cords of wood solo. Running my 20″ Husqvarna “Farm Tough” saw (yes, it actually says “farm tough” on the bar)—wheel-barrowing all the wood to my Ford F250 Diesel 4×4…and as Tim the Tool man Taylor always said—ARH, ARH, ARH! Nothing better to make you feel manly!

I AM worked, though. I busted out all that in 7 hours (+1 hour travel time = 8 hours). I took no breaks, ate while I worked. It’s funny how ultrarunning helps a day like today. I was conscious of hydration, electrolytes and calories so I didn’t slow down. Good day, all in all. Only thing it doesn’t help…upper body conditioning. My forearms and upper body are worked over for sure. I may be wrong, but working at a computer all day and typing and working a mouse really don’t seems to condition forearms. Dang.

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