A Very Close Call

I ended up having to back out of the High Cascade 100 Mountain Bike Race on Sunday, as my wife had a very close call late last week and had to go to the hospital. Thursday night I had to rush her to the ER…she had a miscarriage (at 10 weeks) and was hemorrhaging badly. After 7 hours of heavy bleeding, they finally did a D & C (surgery), as she had tissue that would not release from her body and was bleeding heavily to try to flush it.

We had a really close call, as she passed out in the ER during an ultrasound and had lost so much blood (4+ pints…a half gallon!!) …so much that she couldn’t feel her face and extremities. It was really scary, as she almost died the doctor said. Thanks to our friends Heidi and Tyson for grabbing our kids on a moments notice. Tyson met me at the ER to take the kids to his house.

I’m thankful she’s home and recovering, but she needs a lot of prayer and support. She’s extremely anemic right now from the heavy blood loss (as they decided not to do a transfusion). So, it’s up to her body to rebuild her blood levels over the coming weeks. Which means she’s weak, extremely fatigued (can barely walk to the bathroom without her heart beating out of her chest). You athletes…think the equivalent of living at Everest Base Camp after coming from sea level. Her body has 1/4 less oxygen carrying capacity.

I’m playing Mom and Dad right now. Luckily, I work at home. This condition of extreme fatigue, anemia and weakness can last for weeks until her body can rebuild…the doc said she lost 1/4 of her blood volume…which can take about 2 months to fully get that volume built back.

Anyway, just keep her in your thoughts and prayers. And, thanks to all the friends that have stepped up to help or offer help.

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