Inner Bike Geek…100-mile run vs. 100-mile Mountain Bike

Since I can’t seem to get my SI Joint to completely heal up (thanks to freakin’ CrossFit…don’t get me started on that rant)…any of you CrossFit fans can take that concept and flush it! It’s an accident waiting to happen. I know the PT folks in town are licking their chops in the downed economy…business will be good. Anytime you mix free weights and speed, it’s a recipe for disaster. Bad disaster…ruptured biceps, bulging discs….trauma…you can’t concentrate on good form when you’re “bustin’ it out” for time. Mark my words, it may not get you today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will get you. Mark my words…

I had reservations before I went because I had looked into it before. But, like an idiot, I said I’ll try it. Well, to make a long story…well, less long…’cause this isn’t what this post is about…this issue with my SI Joint is keeping me from running. And, to confirm CrossFit as the reason, well, 2 PTs and 2 body work folks in town all separately connected my issue to CrossFit as the culprit.

Well, this little SI Joint issue means I’m confined to pool running and biking…again. But, onward and upward, right? What’s the silver lining…the moral to my story. Falling in love with the bike again. That’s new territory for me when it comes to strategic training.

To make the best of this crappy start to my ’09 running season, and thanks to Scott Wolfe for planting the seed, I entered the new High Cascade 100 Mile Mountain Bike race coming to Bend in August. I can’t run right now, but I can bike…so be it.

Due to 3 freak injuries (none caused by running), I’ve ridden more this spring than I have the past 2 years combined. I just got a new custom road bike built by some local dudes I know (Thanks Jason and Alan at Bend Bike N Sport). They welded up a nice steel road bike with XO Platnum steel. I’ve had it for a little over 2 weeks and it is smooth as buttah. I’ve been splitting my time between the road bike and my mountain bike each week, add in two to four 30-60+ min. bike commute rides on my cross-commuter and I’ve been in the saddle a lot lately.

I always said if I did something that didn’t allow me to run, I would start riding endurance mountain biking events. Well, it seems that time (albeit temporary) has come. So, I entered the new local race that boast 80% singletrack and is on my home turf. I’m excited for the cross-training that this event will force me to do all summer.

So many times we get blinders on as runners and don’t do other things, when we should…when our bodies could actually be more fit, more balanced and healthier by jumping on the two-wheeled machine a couple times a week for some leg flushing and some added cardio base. I was a bike geek long BEFORE I’d ever even heard of this crazy sport of ultrarunning. The bike is a beautiful invention and can get you superfly fit with some killer legs to boot. Also, it allows you to jump right back into running training when the time comes. Nice bonus.

I’m having fun geeking out on new training strategies. How do I incorporate new training techniques that allow me to train hard and peak for a June, September, and October 100 mile ultramarathon AND a 100 mile mountain bike race sandwiched in August too?! I’m looking forward to the change, the challenge AND the uncharted territory this new event is putting me into with regard to training.

I’m “keepin’ it local” and I’m scheduling a time to sit down with local guru cycling coach Bart Bowen at Rebound Sports Performance. I’m looking forward to Bart’s wisdom when it comes to cycling training and well, just getting in touch with my inner bike geek again. It’s a nice place to be spinning circles again. Giddyup.

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