Wishing I was Cool

Well, I’m reflecting on the amount of fun I would have this weekend if I could run Way to Cool 50k. I had to back out or the race this coming weekend due to two injuries. Man, I love Cool. Good competition, fast times…spring in the American River Canyon. Dang!

And, missing Georgetown Hotel on Saturday night—a bunch of tired ultrarunners descending on the locals like some kind of freak show to take over their karaoke. You haven’t experienced Cool until you’ve witnessed AJW belting out Born to Run with a pitcher of beer in his hand, Jurek singing Painted Black by the Stones (pretty darn good I might add), or the old hard-nosed lady bartender kickin’ a local out. Run hard at Cool, then sing karaoke in Georgetown with a bunch of drunk ultrarunners—what could be better?

Every spring I get some kind of random injury. Dang. I’ve now officially been injured for 27 days. I broke my pinky toe on my left foot 27 days ago when I dropped an extension ladder on it. I was only able to bike or tele ski. So, fine, I’ll do that. Then what happens? I strain my pes anserinus tendon at the insertion point 12 days ago, tele skiing in an icy section at Mt. Bachelor (caught my rear tip). Can I get a break here??

I have spent the last 12 days on my bike trainer watching Tour de France YouTube videos and pool running at Juniper Fitness Center. Sure, I’ll be back…there’s always next year at Cool…I’m just bummed to miss Cool this year and feeling a little sorry for myself after a 22 ounce oatmeal stout tonight while reading all the hype on blogs before Cool.

Have fun out there guys, run hard, sing Sweet Home Alabama…I won’t be there to do my version. Okay, back to recovery…I have to ride my cross bike for a LONG time tomorrow morning to drown out the karaoke playing in my head. I wish I was Cool this weekend.

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