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Well, I’m stoked to finally have sold our house in Pleasantville (what I call NW Crossing in Bend)! Actually a killer neighborhood, just a little too polished and neat for Bronco Billy! The family and I are renting a farm near Smith Rock State Park. Chickens, garden, fresh air…giddyup! Finally moving forward with our vision of back to the land and a more green existence. Now we just have to find some land to buy in the next year or two. But, for now, it will be great to get back on some rural land with a barn, chicken coop, huge yard and privacy.

Farm Bonus: I’m right by Smith. Hard ultra training at it’s best…1200 to 1400 feet of climbing an hour…technical, burly running. This will be my daily training ground for the upcoming season. I’m so pumped. This is where all ultra runners in Central Oregon come for hard days. So, I’m hoping to host some post-training run brunches on some farm fresh eggs and organic coffee. Yum.

Running front…my Plantar Fasciitis is finally pretty much healed up. The foot is feeling good. I’m still getting some tightness after hard road tempo run or hard downhill running, but I hope I’m over the hump for healing. I’m definitely going in under-trained for Cool 50k in 2 weeks, but it’s early season and gotta roll with it. Funny how every early season the past few years has begun with some issue to overcome…just like life. Yes, Deep Thoughts by Bronco Billy.

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