Well, I’m back running again after almost 4 weeks off (actually 24 days to be exact). I was commuting on my bike across town from a morning meeting at Bend Bike N Sport on the 24th day and decided I couldn’t take it anymore. Footzone was starting their winter Tuesday-Thursday Noon Run that day. I pedaled like a madman home, grabbed my gear and jammed downtown on my cross bike to run. Felt like crap for that run, but felt good to be back at it again.

The 2nd week, however, with my wife and kids out of town for the week, I went crazy and ran and mountain biked everyday. By end of the week, my hip flexor was giving me fits. I took 5 days off and now I’m back running again and feeling good, as long as I stretch and don’t overdo it. I’m sure sitting in front of the computer everyday doesn’t help the hip flexor.

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