The Arkansas Traveller 100: A Semi-Live Webcast

Mile 16. Jeff’s Dad called this morning at 6:54am (!) with the first official race update. (Please don’t judge me harshly for my 9:30am post.) Jeff was running in first place at mile 16.7, though he was just two minutes ahead of the second place runner. Go Bronco Billy!

Mile 32.
He’s still running strong, now in fourth (there are just four minutes between first place and fourth). Ouachita National Forest Weather Report: 82°F and mostly cloudy with 70% humidity (9:30am PST).

***We are experiencing technical difficulties. Jeff’s Dad called again at 12:30pm (2:30 in Arkansas), but we were disconnected. I’m afraid the cell coverage isn’t cooperating, so it may be a bit before another update. Weather Update: 89°F (Feels like 95°F) at 12:30pm. He was planning on seeing Jeff again at mile 48, so I’m assuming that’s what the call was about. Still no word at 4pm PST. Stay tuned…

Mile 67. Jeff’s leading again! His Dad (Mike) said he looked strong, and was in a hurry to get going again as the second guy was just 2-3 minutes back. Mike will see him again at Mile 83. Weather Report: 87
°F and partly cloudy. Run, Jeff, run!

Mile 83. Just received another call from Mike at 8pm. At mile 83.9, Jeff is still in the lead (ahead now by about 13 minutes). Mike won’t see him again until the finish line. Godspeed, Jeff.

Mile 100. He won!!! I just spoke to one very happy and incredibly tired running man. He said the heat was crazy (he said this at least a dozen times, so it must be true) and that the course was difficult (rocky). He finished with a respectable time of 18 hours and 21 minutes. And we are so proud. We love you, Daddy!

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